Project 365 – 001/365

Chem StudyToday I got myself caught up on my chem reading and discovered that I apparently really like that shade of green.  The bottle is an insulated 20 oz from Klean Kanteen (bamboo leaf, with sport top) that I’ve been carrying with me everywhere lately.  I had been using several 18 oz non-insulated bottles in different colours to keep better track of my goal water intake for the day, but when going to and from class the insulated bottle is better.

Pen is a Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop (or what I like to call a Retropolitan) in green with an F nib.  It’s inked up with Noodler’s Air Corps Blue-Black, my go to chem class ink.  The paper is from Kokuyo, but I have no idea what line.  I picked it up at Maido because I wanted something fountain pen friendly and it looked like it would be easiest to adapt to Cornell Notes.  (Turns out my lecturer is terrible and my textbook works better with flash cards, but I do still like the paper.)

Phone case I just grabbed off Amazon.  Nothing special, it’s mostly to help make sure I keep my grip when playing Pokemon Go.  Pen case is a Sun-Star Delde Slide Pouch and not actually green.  It’s navy blue.  I couldn’t find one in green or I’d have gotten it.  There’s one with a kind of aqua-mint with taupe polka dot, but it’s not green green and is a bit on the feminine side for my tastes.  So I went with basic navy and beige.  It stands up on its own though so that automatically makes me happy.  I like it best when I can just transfer my study materials from my bag to whatever (preferably outdoor) surface I’m studying on with minimal fuss.

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