Ink Review: Diamine Ancient Copper

I’m going through my list of prepared photos alphabetically which means that though there was a decent gap between De Atramentis Ochre Yellow and Diamine Ancient Copper, Ancient Copper is still what comes up next.  It ends up working out well because this is one ink I was definitely happy to play with.

Ancient CopperI received a sample of Diamine Ancient Copper from my partner’s parents this past Christmas.  (There were a ton of other ink samples as well, I’m not likely to get through all of them until this Christmas.)  I wasn’t expecting to like it, but honestly it’s become one of my favourite inks.  Enough that I’m picking up a bottle once it gets closer to autumn.

I rarely find an ink that I can use on a Rhodia pad and a 50 cent composition book with similar results.  Ancient Copper is one of those inks.  It has some minor feathering once you get into super cheap paper, but that’s to be expected.  It still behaves well enough that I wouldn’t worry about jotting down a note on a scrap of whatever paper a friend hands me.  Newspaper might be a problem.  I’ll have to try next time I have a bit laying around.

The only down side to this ink is that I like to use colours seasonally and it’s very much an autumn colour.  The burnt red tone is perfect to use when the leaves are turning, but for me feels a little out of place in bright summer sun.  So while I do love it, it’s been put away until closer to late August.

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