Ink Review: De Atramentis Ochre Yellow

This is the last of the De Atramentis reviews for a while.  I’ve gone through all the De Atramentis review pictures I have ready to post, finally.  After this we move on to Diamine and don’t come back to De Atramentis until I’ve put up Sheaffer Turquoise (at the earliest, I’m not sure what’s next on my SD card).

Ochre YellowIn any event, De Atramentis Ochre Yellow seems to be a fiddly colour to photograph.  In sunlight it resembles Noodler’s Apache Sunset, but I couldn’t get that to show true on the screen.  What’s interesting is that everyone else seems to consider it more of a dusky orange.  I don’t know if I ended up with a diluted sample by mistake, but I’ll be ordering another to double check.

As I’ve come to expect from De Atramentis inks, Ochre Yellow feathers some on low to mid quality papers.  In this case it may be an issue of the sample, but I doubt it.  I’ve simply not had much luck with De Atramentis inks.

That said, it is lovely to write with.  The shading is wonderful, it glides nicely, and there isn’t a horrible dry time even on coated papers.  I like it enough that I’m not even bothered by having to pick up a second sample to double check the colour.

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