Ink Review: De Atramentis Mint Turquoise

Mint Turquoise is the second to last of the De Atramentis inks that I have edited and ready to post.  It’s also the one I’ve most changed my opinion about since first writing up the notebook entry.  I don’t have another sample though so I don’t know how much that’s to do with time softening my initial impression.  I’ll probably be ordering a second sample when I get this year’s Lamy Al-Star because they look like they’d go well together so I’ll post an update to this then.

Mint Turquoise02(That top writing sample was in a Lamy 1.5 nib, I just wrote it down wrong.)

Like all of the De Atramentis inks I’ve used, Mint Turquoise is a bit questionable on non-coated papers.  However, the colour has grown on me enough since cataloguing it that I’m willing to give it a second go.

Mint Turquoise is not a remotely water resistant ink, as can be seen above.  The dry time is quick enough on non-coated papers, a touch long on coated papers if you’re looking for something to use with a pocket notebook.  There was feathering on most copy papers and recycled papers, but it was still usable in my Ecosystem.  Not ideal, but enough that I don’t completely hate it.

Now that I’m using Leuchtturm and Apica notebooks more than Ecosystem and Moleskine I’m hoping that I’ll be able to put up with the fussiness of De Atramentis inks at least enough that I can pick up a bottle of Mint Turquoise.  There are a few similar colours (Diamine Soft Mint comes to mind), but it’d be nice to go from having issues with an ink to enjoying it.


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